What is Support Operations?

Customer support teams are focused on helping users—these teams are generally action-oriented and reactive, acting as a crucial line of communication between a company and its customers. As such, support teams tend to spend the majority of their time executing on customer-centric tasks that require their undivided attention. Support teams are not focused on building tools, writing documentation, developing processes or implementing systems.

That’s where Support Operations comes in.

Support Operations is a behind-the-scenes team providing tools, integrations, processes and other critical resources or materials that support teams need to succeed.

Rather than distracting a support team from their primary focus and arguably their most valuable function (helping customers), bring in external Support Operations experts to build the infrastructure you want. Support Operations is a quicker and more convenient way to take control of the support system you want to build, refine processes for faster response times, and ultimately provide better quality support to more customers.

Who needs Support Operations?

Any company that wants to make their support team more efficient can benefit from Support Operations. And there are generally two scenarios in which a company will realize they need Support Operations.

Scenario #1: You already have a support team and are looking to grow...

If your support team is already in place and ready to take on more volume, support operations can help you scale more efficiently. As your customer base increases, as your products/services diversify, support can get complicated. Processes that used to work smoothly can encounter new complications and your team might find itself in the position to revaluate systems and tools. This is an exciting opportunity. Providing a solid foundation for growth is going to help your team avoid uncomfortable juggling on priorities and focus on the tasks they were hired to do.

Scenario #2: You haven’t even started building your support team yet...

Maybe your company is finally ready to build out a support team, but isn’t sure where to start. Before you hire people, build a system that will make it easy for them to succeed—set up phones, ticketing, and other essential processes so there’s infrastructure ready to sustain employees and help them hit the ground running.Working with Support Operations experts is the fastest, most efficient way to cultivate a support strategy and process that delivers outstanding customer experience.